Monday, February 8, 2016

Why Patients Love NeoGraft

Reading reviews about the NeoGraft® procedure online will confirm why it’s becoming so many patients’ first choice for hair restoration. Compared to traditional hair restoration that involve grafts and surgical processes, the FUE method of restoring hair provides patients with more natural looking results and the most gentle way to replace thinning hair.

Our Newport Beach hair transplant patients love NeoGraft® FUE hair transplants because they offer:

Improved Comfort – No cutting and no surgical processes means less discomfort and better patient tolerance. Most patients experience only minor swelling and felt comfortable going back to their daily routine after treatment. Many individuals who choose the NeoGraft® procedure report the process as being completely comfortable with the help of local anesthetic and state that the recovery period was also far more manageable than they imagined.

Better Overall Treatment Experience – Patients report former methods of hair restoration as being unnecessarily invasive and producing results that look unnatural. Compared to the strip method of hair transplantation, pieces of skin and scalp are not removed with the FUE method. Patients who had previously chosen the strip method are pleasantly surprised by the overall non-invasiveness of the NeoGraft® procedure so much so that they were eager to return for additional treatments to more comprehensively replace lost or thinning hair.

Speedier Recovery – Because NeoGraft® technology transplants individual hair follicles, instead of using large donor patches of skin, there is far less downtime associated with treatment. Patients love that getting a hair restoration does not have to be a major event that requires they carve out time in their schedules to recover from surgery. NeoGraft® FUE hair transplant patients do not have to deal with large, embarrassing scars.

Life-Changing Results – Years ago, pursuing treatment for thinning hair meant running the risk that plugs  or strip hair restoration would leave your hair or hairline looking obviously altered. NeoGraft® technology is able to provide life-changing results by allowing your hair to look as natural as possible. Patients feel confident knowing that their restored hair does not show tell-tale signs of transplanting.

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